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Stump Removal Or Stump Grinding

So that tree has finally been removed and now you are left with a stump that is quite an eyesore. Or maybe that stump has been there for years and you just want it gone. There are a few different approaches you can take to help improve your property. These include stump grinding or stump removal. Let’s look at some things to find what’s best for you.


Of course there is the easy way out and just leave it there but this could lead to some issues in the long run. At first it might not be an issue but over time it can cause its share of problems. Some of the long term effects of leaving it in place are: 

  • Having difficulty in mowing the yard. The stump just gets in the way and interferes with a good cut.
  • Weeds growing and spreading around a stump look horrible and can be difficult to remove.
  • The stump can be a safety and tripping hazard.
  • It gets in the way of planting a new tree or other landscaping choices. Remember, the stump is just the tip of the iceberg. The root structure can spread out quite far and get in the way.


The stump can be left to decay over time but it looks ugly and could take many years to go away. A decaying stump also can attract termites and carpenter ants. These insects can eventually make it over to your house or other structures on your property. Stump grinding or removal is the best solution to all of the above problems.

Is It Better To Grind A Stump Or Remove It

Now that you see the practicality of removing the stump, we need to determine what is the best solution. Stump grinding or stump removal are the two main choices. 


If you are looking to remove the stump with more of its root system then stump removal is the best option. The downside to this approach is that it is a much more intrusive technique. The stump and the root system leave quite a large hole that needs to be filled in and the whole area will need to be relandscaped.


The alternative is stump grinding. This is a very effective technique that has less impact on the area. Basically the professional uses heavy duty machinery to grind down the stump till it gets below ground level. This makes the hole much easier to fill but you are also left with a big pile of wood chips. The good news is the chips can be used as mulch for your garden or landscaped area.


At Tree Services Vancouver WA, we understand the many dangers associated with stump removal. Some of the main hazards include damaging electric wiring, gas, or water lines. We take great care to evaluate your property and ensure that these problems don’t come to light. We hope you choose us as your stump removal specialist.

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