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Tree Trimming or Pruning

Trees can grow very fast in this part of the country. Staying on top of them can be a daunting task. Understanding the intricacies of proper tree maintenance can help keep your property looking uncluttered and beautiful. Here are some tips and information about tree pruning and tree trimming Vancouver WA.

Tree Trimming

The first thing we should examine is tree trimming. For best results it is advised to trim a tree during the dormant season. The tree will react better during this time period. Another thing to take into consideration is the size of the tree branches. The larger the branch the more care needs to be taken to be sure no damage to the tree.


The shape of the branch tells a lot about it. V-shaped branches are better for trimming. You should consider keeping a U-shaped branch because they tend to be much stronger. Be sure to take care that the branches are not cut too close or too far away. Be sure not to remove the branch collar or leave a large stump.

Tree Pruning

When thinning the crown of the tree be sure to keep the lateral branches as evenly spaced as possible. Also be sure to prune away any branches that cross or interfere with other branches. Take care not to remove more than 1/4 of the crown of a living tree. If you need to raise the crown from obstructions be sure to not trim too many branches at the bottom because it could weaken the stem of the tree.


There are other things to take into consideration when pruning or trimming a tree. This is why it makes sense to have a qualified professional handle the work for you. It will help insure the health of the tree and the proper safety precautions will be taken into consideration. 


Tree Trimming Vancouver WA hope that we can gain your trust to help keep your property safe and beautiful.

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