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Why Tree Removal?

There are many reasons why someone needs to have a tree removed from their property. The first thing that should be done is to determine if a tree needs to be removed. Let’s examine why tree removal and some of the things that should be assessed.


  • Is the tree leaning and causing a potential safety hazard. Does the root system appear to be damaged?
  • Do you need to create space in the yard for a project or are trees overcrowding a specific area?
  • Does the tree appear to be damaged, dying, or not look healthy?
  • Could the tree potentially damage the home or other structures on the property?
  • And the most obvious, has the tree already fallen and is in need of removal?


Tree Falling Techniques

If you are dealing with any of these issues it might be time to have the tree removed. Be careful not to do this on your own. There is a very technical side to the process and it is recommended to have a professional take care of this for you to ensure the best outcome. Here is a brief explanation as to what goes into the tree felling process.


  1. The first thing is to examine the surrounding areas and look out for structures that could be damaged in the process. Also take into consideration the condition of the tree to see how it will react to the felling process.
  2. Next it is important to determine where the tree will fall ensuring all objects are clear and eliminate the potential for injury.
  3. Then comes the actual cut that will drop the tree. It needs to be precise and deliberate.
  4. The cuts include the notch cut which is made on the side where the tree is calculated to fall. This is followed by the back cut which is made on the opposite side of the tree.
  5. The tree will then follow the course to its resting place and the professional will follow their planned exit strategy till the tree is on the ground.
  6. The tree expert will then perform the limbing and bucking portion of the tree removal process.

Are tree removal services essential?

As you can see there are a lot of things that need to be done correctly for a safe tree felling. We hope you can trust Tree Services Vancouver WA to take care of your tree removal for you.

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